Robbie goes to Washington...

08 April 2016 on personal. 1 minute to read

So the TL;DR of this blog post is I am going to work for the Department of Veteran’s Affairs on project.

I would really like to thank Phase2 for all of my time there, it is a company full of some of my closest friends and an amazing group of technologists. I wish Phase2 nothing but the best on their super bright future and am so grateful for the opportunity that you offered and provided me.

Here is my story about how all this came about…

A came across a blog post a few months ago that talked about how President Obama was trying to hire 500 technologists to become part of the USDS. So I submitted my resume, assuming that it would be until the next administration before it would even be looked at, but I got called within 3 weeks. Went through 4 initial interviews with the USDS, and finally the VA pulled me into the last interview. The final interview was great and I was sold on the vision that the upper management at the VA has and the impact that I can personally have on this project and on the lives of veterans.

I look forward to this next phase of my professional career and can’t wait to see where it leads me.


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