Ready to pass the baton...

20 November 2019 on personal. 1 minute to read

Almost 4 years ago, I joined United States Digital Service and that changed my life forever. I have been able to modernize government systems and transform the technology of agencies to provide access to benefits and services to some of our most vulnerable communities. During that time I was able to support veterans and their families, asylum seekers and the amazing civil servants across many agencies. Sometimes that assistance came in the form of writing code, managing projects and people, empowering those on the ground to do the work, or even being the technical representative in the procurement process. In my time at USDS I have been an individual contributor, a tech lead, a team lead and helped shape the future of USDS through interviewing and mentoring new engineers. All of this work has reenforced my overall love of being a product focused technologist that has an eye on the end user.

I have run my length of the race and feel confident passing the baton to the community I leave behind. I am starting the process of looking for what will be my next role at an organization as a technical leader. To help support and grow the company and culture, that allows everyone to feel supported, empowered and engaged. Helping that organization to make informed technical decisions based on modern agile best principles, that allow the engineers to take ownership and are given the agency to do the work. I am looking to support an organization through leadership, not as an individual contributor, I often describe that I don’t want to fly the plane but I want to make sure the plane lands successfully. Please reach out if you think there is a role within your organization that might be a good fit.

As I take off on my next chapter, I’m looking to join a growing company that has the need for a change agent personality, that wants to create an amazing, inclusive culture that positively impacts the lives of their users.